If you love CrossFit and you love weightlifting….

You need to know about Mike Burgener.

If you have been to my gym you know that we do Burgener Warmup every single day.  Why, because Coach B says to do it that way….

Several years ago now I started this journey in CrossFit personally and began learning what it was to become a CrossFit coach.  At first it was very, very daunting if I am being honest.  There is so very much to learn if you want to be a good coach, especially in CrossFit.  The wonderful thing about the journey is that CrossFit provides us resources through the CrossFit Certification program to help us hone our skills.

Seemingly, the most difficult thing to learn was weightlifting, at least to learn it correctly.  So, I went to one of Mike Burgener’s certification courses to try and learn as much as I could.  At that point I was introduced to the Burgener methods of weightlifting.  Since then I have tried to improve daily my ability to perform and coach weightlifting.  I am so grateful for what Coach B has done for the world of CrossFit and weightlifting.  Most of you probably don’t know much about the man behind the name.  Most of you may not know how real and passionate he is about making all of us good at what we do.  I once emailed Coach B with a question expecting maybe a response at some point…maybe.  Same day he emailed me his cell phone number, said to call, and talked to me for 10 minutes about my question.  It’s a big deal to him that everyone under his umbrella who wants to do well is equipped to do so.

This video is an hour and a half about Mike Burgener, the man, the coach, the legend.  So, have a look and see what the man behind that warmup you do every day is all about.