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Meet Tiffany. Her hard work and dedication are an inspiration!

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I’m a mom of six, yep you read that right, six kids. All of which I shared my body with for nine months. Life after kids was fast and furious and my body after kids was not a topic I wanted to talk about. I was very self conscious about my body. I remember looking in the mirror and being ashamed. I remember hating to shop for clothes, and I remember stepping on the scale and seeing an unhealthy 205 pounds… I was exhausted, overwhelmed, and depressed. It was a moment in my life where I knew I needed to do something different.

I went to the gym and lost about 25/30 pounds, I ate convenient and easy food, and I still continued to stress over the little progress I was making. I couldn’t break 175 pounds. A flyer went up about CrossFit and I decided to go see what it was all about. I stood at the back of the room in awe of the heavy lifts this guy was doing so effortlessly. Everything inside me SCREAMED RUN…. But I choose to stay. I thought, “What if this CrossFit thing works? What if you like it? What if those people are people you so desperately need in your life?” That day, I committed to one month. I told myself that I had to complete the entire month: and then, and only then, could I quit if I didn’t like it.

After that first week, I was hooked! CrossFit was exactly what I hoped for: I had a training program that was strategic and got results quickly and coaches that were invested in their athletes and pushed every individual to be the best version of themselves day in and day out. I saw more positive change in my body after 4 months of CrossFit, than in a year of working out by myself and classes at a gym. And let me tell you about the CrossFit people, the community, and the family you gain… These people are in a class all of their own. You will never meet a group of people who help you, encourage you, and genuinely care about you both in and out of the gym. If I have every needed any help, they were there – ALL of them. It wouldn’t matter the day or time.

And with that, I never looked back. I was home. I found a place where I regained my self-esteem and my self-worth, my body looks better after six kids and at thirty-six than it ever did in my twenties, and I am a part of a family that is truly as excited for my success as their own.

I encourage you to try this thing called CrossFit… It will change your life. Don’t continue to put yourself on the back burner. Your life is not a rehearsal. It’s happening NOW and you only get one shot. There is greatness within you – unleash it and soar!

Live a life you love!