Story photo: Amanda

Amanda has been training with us for several years and has made AMAZING Progress

How long have you been CrossFitting?

2 Years

What is your CrossFit Story?

I lost about 90 pounds slow and steady over 8 years of lifestyle changes, inconsistent light exercise, mostly cardio, and lots of being hungry. At one point I was taking a combo of 2 medications to control my blood pressure. When I started crossfit, I was able to get off the meds (almost 2 years now) and truly fell in love with fitness. I don't consider myself an athlete and I don't count calories or stress too much over my diet anymore. I don't particularly aspire to compete or anything. I'm just a regular working mom and wife who loves that daily escape in the gym. Of course its great to get a new PR or beat your previous score on a benchmark workout! I chose to share photos of a few things I never dreamt I would do. Thank you crossfit!